D1.2 Technical and functional specifications and system architecture

Deliverable 1.2.1 is a component of work package 1 (Requirements analysis, specifications, use cases and architecture). As such it corresponds to the first version of technical and functional specifications  of the system, in a total of two to be produced during the project lifetime. This deliverable started at the beginning of the project and builds on deliverable 1.1.1 which served to define the use cases. The main purpose of 1.2.1 is to describe the system to be implemented from the perspective of technology and to define the project architecture and the way the different components communicate.

It serves to define the data model to support interoperability between all components and with pre-existing systems and to provide detailed information on the exchange of data between them. It also attempts to describe the functional requirements of the system as collected through communication with educational institutions, students and from the experience of the participating partners themselves as they cover the whole range of needs and users of the system under development (educational institutions, enterprises, research institutions, lifelong learning institutions). In addition, a detailed reference is made to the technical specifications and non-functional requirements, the technological solutions chosen and how they contribute to the overall requirements of the project. Finally, the annexes of the deliverable 1.2.1 contain a detailed table of the platforms considered and the first version of the platform APIs which will allow the exchange of information within and outside the Blockademic system.