What is Blockademic Project

The BlockAdemiC project aims at creating a digital distributed system for the certification and verification of educational activities, qualifications and skills in the field of higher education and lifelong learning, creating an inviolable educational passport. To achieve this it uses sophisticated blockchain technology tools to ensure the required degree of trust both at user and institutional level. An integrated ecosystem will be supported which will incorporate:

  • Monitoring of educational activities using smart contracts
  • Registration of a degree by authorized institutions in a blockchain using consent algorithms
  • Verification of qualifications and educational activities using decentralized application
  • More accurate recording of the learning process by evaluating the learning activity with additional metrics beyond learning outcomes at regular intervals
  • Learning analytics and gamification to connect metrics with learning outcomes and acquired knowledge, skills and abilities, in order to support and enhance the above mentioned monitoring, registration, verification and evaluation
  • Ensuring interoperability of learning tools through international standards

Thanks to BlockAdemiC, qualifications and learning outcomes will be certified without the possibility of falsification, helping to overcome the barriers of trust between educational institutions and companies, as well as the mobility of learners & employees between different institutions in national, European and international level. The proposed "educational passport" and the digital platform will be used for the registration of educational activities, qualifications and certifications. Smart contracts will be developed, in order to automatically process transactions using tokens and transfer the latter to the learners’ personal accounts (wallets), provided that the learning goals set are met in advance. Due to the integrity of the registrations, the learners will be able to prove to third parties the degree of their involvement in each educational activity, in order to evaluate the knowledge and skills they have acquired. This will facilitate the acquisition of diplomas and certificates, the continuation of studies/training, or their integration - development in the labor market. Institutions and companies will be able to register and/or verify diplomas and certificates of learners. The additional tokens will remain in the passport of the learners/employees as proof of their achievements, in the respective activities increasing their "reputation". In order to test the proposed innovation, BlockAdemiC partners - a research center, a university and two companies - will conduct pilot activities and validate the proposed technological solution in real life in higher education and in a lifelong learning environment.