Blockademic Project

BlockAdemiC aims to create a digital distributed system for the certification and verification of educational activities, qualifications and skills in the field of higher education and lifelong learning, creating an inviolable educational passport.

The proposed project uses sophisticated tools of blockchain technology to ensure the required degree of trust at both user and institutional level. It reinforces the logic of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), which is adapted and implemented in education-al scenarios for pilot activities. The recording of educational activities will cover both specific and general skills, an innovation that has never been implemented on any other educational application.

The defining difference of BlockAdemiC is the monitoring of students’ total activity on the learning plat-forms and the automatic conversion of each predefined successfully completed educational activity in ECTS points, which is a much more detailed measurement system than the result of a written evaluation. BlockAdemiC is a proposed technology solution, which is here to support a complete “ecosystem” that in-tegrates learning analytics and gamification in order to link metrics with learning outcomes, acquired knowledge, skills and abilities, so as to support and enhance the abovementioned monitoring, registration, verification and assessment.

The opportunity lies in the unique features of the blockchain through which qualifications and learning out-comes will be certified without the possibility of falsification, giving the necessary basis to overcome the barriers of trust between institutions and companies as well as the mobility of learners between different institutions either nationally or internationally. BlockAdemiC will provide an individual, inviolable and there-fore immutable educational passport, based on blockchain technology. For this purpose, a technological digital platform will be developed for the registration of educational activities, qualifications and certifica-tions in a blockchain - educational passport.

In a real educational environment, it will be implemented in pilot activities and the operation of the proposed technological solution will be validated in real conditions. Users of the system will be certified with digital certificates and will have digital signatures.

The tokens that will be in the system will be transferred to the personal wallets of the learners, using smart contracts, on condition that the learning objectives set are met in advance. Due to the integrity of the regis-trations in the distributed system, the learners will be able to prove to third parties (such as other institu-tions, agencies or companies) their degree of involvement in each educational activity, in order to assess the knowledge and skills they have acquired in specific subjects and are a prerequisite for their introduction to attending future courses/seminars or for their recruitment in jobs.

Institutions and companies, depending on their rights of use, will be able to either register learners’ diplo-mas and certificates or just verify them. Additional tokens that a student has received and have not been translated into ECTS points for a qualification will remain in their account as proof of their achievements in the respective activities and subjects, increasing their "reputation".

BlockAdemic Project Consortium