Phase 1 (EE1) includes the preparatory actions (requirements, specifications, usage scenarios, architecture).

In Phase 2 (EE2), the architecture of the blockchain platform and the mechanisms for ensuring the interoperability of learning and analytical activities and the gameplay framework will be designed, based on the usage scenarios

In Phase 3 (EE3 – EE5), the design and development of the digital platform for certification of learning activities and qualifications with blockchain and smart contracts will take place. Moreover, a plugin with open source technologies will be designed and developed by YSS which based on the activities will evaluate the results in proportion of corresponding tokens which will be registered in the learners’wallet and will be registered in the blockchain platform.

In addition, a decentralized application for mobile phones and mobile devices (iOS and Android) will be developed, which will allow, on the one hand the connection of the interested parties with the blockchain platform and the verification of qualifications and tokens, and on the other hand the playfulness of activities.

In Phase 4 (EE6) a pilot application will take place by AUTh and W2L and the results will be disseminated.