CERTH / ITI actively works on blockchain technologies through a number of national and European research programs, which examine key features of the technology and its applications, such as applications in the field of health, energy, cybersecurity for homes and businesses, in the field of transportation etc. The projects are funded under the "Horizon 2020" research programs and by Greek research grants in collaboration with national and international partners, while a number of projects and funding come directly from the private sector. Expanding its research findings and scope, ITI is currently developing a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform based on Ethereum and Hyperledger development frameworks, focusing on private chains and joint venture chains where through the use of smart contracts (smart contracts), is applied to projects in the field of energy and health, mainly in Internet of Things (IoT) applications and Energy Marketing, Digital Identity, Personal Data Access and Transaction Management, in order to enhance the security of personal data and data exchange, as well as automation processes.